How to reduce disk usage and save on hosting costs

There are 2 ways we setup emails nowadays – POP or IMAP

What’s the difference?


POP and IMAP are 2 methods/protocols to access email.

  • Do you use more than one device for email (e.g. desktop & mobile)? Then IMAP is your best choice – but watch out for disk over–usage on your hosting account
  • Do you download email to only one device e.g. your computer? Then POP is an option.

Emails accumulating on the server can lead to both disk- and inode-overusage i.e. both large volumes and large numbers of emails. If your email is set up to use IMAP (the default setting), then all mail stays on the server and adds to your disk usage.

Excess email is often caused by

  • Spambucket or trash folders that need clearing
  • Delete this mail, either
  • within your mail programme (e.g. Outlook)
  • Large amounts of legitimate mail in the Inbox of your mail programme, or saved in a subfolder


  • Use your mail client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) or File Manager to back up or archive your mail, and then delete it from the server. Remember to empty the trash after deleting.
  • Forwarding on mailboxes to external addresses is not being cleared out.
  • Delete the mailbox and replace it with an alias which will forward email to the external address, without keeping a duplicate copy in the original mailbox.
  • Upgrade to a higher Web Hosting package if necessary

Upgrading to a higher package will provide you with a bigger disk space quota. The various packages and their quotas are available

Disk over usage costs will be added to the accounts and billed accordingly.

Ecommerce South Africa – OOWEBOO

South Africa is the 35th largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$3 billion in 2019, placing it ahead of New Zealand and behind Nigeria.

With an increase of 14%, the South African eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 13% in 2019. Revenues for eCommerce continue to increase. New markets are emerging, and existing markets also have the potential for further development. Global growth will continue over the next few years

However, online selling isn’t just limited to established brands and retail giants like Amazon; ordinary people can start their own e-commerce shops from the comfort of their homes.

Starting an e-commerce site is easier than ever before with options that are:

Affordable: There are many ways to start a new e-commerce shop with little to no overhead
Easy: Sometimes you don’t even have to have your own product; some e-commerce shops work thanks to drop shipping
Options: Whether you’re a tech expert or total newbie, there’s an e-commerce platform out there that caters to you

If you’re in the initial planning stages of putting up your e-commerce site, temper yourself to avoid picking a design before deciding on the essential types of e-commerce features you’ll need to incorporate. Some of these features are already built into certain e-commerce platforms, while others may need to be custom-built.

Regardless of how you plan to incorporate them, here are the essential types of e-commerce features you need to be successful online.

The New Normal – Ecommerce Websites

Ready to take your business online and find yourself in need of a reliable, easy to use eCommerce website. OOWEBOO has the knowledge and experience when it comes to eCommerce website design in South Africa.

Offering clients the easy way to make a purchase is an invaluable ingredient that will set you well apart from your competitors. We help eCommerce and retail businesses fully embrace their digital opportunities–from marketing, email nurturing, automation, guided shopping, social media and online customer service.

Some of the key aspects, or benefits, of having an eCommerce website includes:

Your store is open 24/7. People can shop at all hours of the day or night, and they can shop from the comfort of their own beds if they feel like it.
You have no geographical boundaries! This instantly increases your customer reach and ultimately your customer base grows.

There is no such thing as an average eCommerce website. The website design is specifically tailored to the client which means you will get the kind of website that suits not only your business needs but also the branding of your company. An eCommerce store can be fully customised.

eCommerce websites are fully functional and you’ll have the support of our team should you need assistance. These sites have payment gateways as well as client logins, which require support from time to time.

Get a new website – (old or outdated)

Do you want a new website? is your website old or outdated?

Your website is at the heart of your online branding. It brings every aspect of your business together online and gives confidence. It helps you manage, distribute and share your content more efficiently.

It’s often the first place to start, whether you’re changing your company’s brand image, launching a new product or you’re aiming for a responsive site. Ecommerce websites are currently the new normal as shops are not able to operate as they used to. get you products online, show them to your clients 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Clever marketers know that an intelligent web design can make a huge difference in conversion rates

Our current weapon of choice for small to medium business is WordPress, even if you’ve never worked with WordPress, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about this content management system (CMS). Since its first baby steps in 2003, WordPress has rapidly gained popularity, and it became one of the best and most used software solutions when it comes to building and managing a website or blog. Today, WordPress caters to both beginners and professionals; it can help you with a hobby, a full-blown career or something in between.

Reach out, we offer free advice and have many tools you can use.