Hosting for Your Website

Imagine staying in an estate that is cost effective and has great service from security, cleanliness and noise management. That same service experience can be rendered to your website, it is referred to as “website hosting”.

Website hosting is a service given to a website to ensure storage space and access. Furthermore, your website hosting company enables your website to be available on the internet.

With most companies you are required to have an existing domain, however website hosting companies are able to assist in purchasing your required domain (should it be available).

There are various hosting packages depending on your needs. A few to consider when choosing a hosting company:

Know the type of hosting you need

Choose the relevant hosting package

Check references and testimonies

Hosting companies are like a virtual building premises for your company. It is essential to select the structure and location. In addition, you need to ensure that all your important content is safe.

Benefits of hosting with your developer

  • Cost effective

    Your developer knows and understands your website and what type of hosting is required

  • Instant updates

    Your developer might offer you a package for automatic updates on your website

  • Security

    Your hosting company may have security packages (free or paid for depending on the scope and complexity of your website)

  • Instant support

    Should you experience issues on the website, the support process is more simplified with your developer