The Significance of SEO

In the modern day that we live in, Google is our first point reference for almost everything. When people get a hold of new or foreign information, the first place to find out more is on Google and other search engines. Search engines process millions of search requests also known as “keywords”.

It is important to select the various key words for example: for a marketing company you may use words such as “marketing”, “marketing companies in Bloemfontein”, “digital marketing experts”, etc.

Keywords may consist of one or more words (referred to as longtail words) that come up when the researcher types them into the search engine and the results are directly influenced by SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO, increases traffic on your website by increasing a website’s visibility on search engines. Increasing your website presence by SEO gives you the upper hand as opposed to your competitors.

Benefits of SEO include:

Increases customers and sales

SEO integrates your online presence

Builds brand awareness

Bypass competition

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